CleanTech Hub Event: Kick-Off Edition

Kick-Off Edition: 4th of November

How can the aviation industry become more environmentally friendly through the use of new technological solutions?

In order to achieve international climate goals, the transport industry must take a radical approach to the introduction of clean technologies.

As the Lufthansa Group's CleanTech Hub, we are creating space for dialogue and collaboration among various stakeholders to support the industry on its path to climate neutrality.

At our Kick-off CleanTech event on November 4, presentations and panel discussions were showcased current CleanTech projects of the Lufthansa Group and external partners.


Alternative fuels and emissions

Waste and circular economy

Young Gen Tech-Talk

Digital Solutions & Procedures

Aircraft related hardware

Between & Beyond




9:00 - 9:30 am


Carsten Spohr, Chief Executive Officer, Lufthansa Group

Christina Foerster, Chief Customer Officer, Lufthansa Group

Annette Mann, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Lufthansa Group

Erin Beilharz, Head of CleanTech Hub, Lufthansa Group

9:30 - 10:00 am

Keynote Speech

Marco Voigt, Founder, GREENTECH FESTIVAL

10:00 - 11:00 am

Focus area: Alternative Fuels & Emissions

Jan Pechstein, Head of Corporate Emissions Management and Sustainable Aviation Fuels, Lufthansa Group

Gerd Saueressig, Local Emissions, Lufthansa Group

Felix Flöter, Corporate Research & Technology, Lufthansa Technik

Carmen Murer, Head of Corporate Communication, Synhelion

Laurent Mueller, Corporate Partnerships Manager, Climeworks

11:00 - 12:00 am

Focus area: Waste & Circular Economy

Klaus Berger, Head of Hospitality & Catering, Lufthansa Group

Kerstin Halfmann-Kleisinger, Project Lead SALSA, Lufthansa Group

Thomas Nock, Business Director, Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Anne Lamp, CEO & Co-Founder, Traceless

Alexander Piutti, CEO & Founder,

12:00 - 01:00 pm

Young Gen Tech Talk "What aviation will look like in 2030?

With young talents from the Lufthansa Group:

Mussie Beian, Lead Data Scientist, zeroG

Christian Ritter, Lead Data Scientist, zeroG

Didem Uzun, Business Development AI & Data Analytics, Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Camilla Carosio, Project Leader Ground Hydrogen Demonstrator, Lufthansa Technik

Navdeep Gill, IT Project Lead, Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Daniel Bogado, Data Scientist, SWISS

Maximilian Döben, Lead Business Consultant, zeroG

01:00 - 02:00 pm

Focus area: Digital Solutions & Procedures

Olivier Krueger, CEO, Lufthansa Systems

Jörn Messner, CEO, Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Christian Most, Head of Project "Operations Decision Support Suite (OPSD)", Lufthansa Group

Philipp Barzen, Managing Director FlightNav, Lufthansa Systems

Manuel Van Esch, Lead Business Consultant, zeroG

Jan Stoevesand, Senior Director Digital Solutions Data & Analytics, Lufthansa Technik

Ravi Simhambhatla, Managing Director, Google Cloud

02:00 - 03:00 pm

Focus area: Aircraft related Hardware

Andrew Muirhead, Vice President, OEM and Special Engineering Services and Joint Head of Product Segment Original Equipment & Special Aircraft Services, Lufthansa Technik

Jens Uwe Müller, Project Lead AeroShark, Lufthansa Technik

Brian Moran, Vice President Global Sustainability Policy & Partnerships, Boeing

Ash Owen, Chief Engineer of Future Programmes, Rolls-Royce

Michael Pott-Pollenske, Head of Technical Acoustics Department,

03:00 - 04:00 pm

Focus area: Between & Beyond

Christian Popp, Vice President Fleet Procurement & Aicraft Trading, Lufthansa Group

Jörn Matthias Derrer, IT Consulting - Engagement Manager, Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Glenn Llewellyn, Vice President Zero Emission Aircraft, Airbus

Ralf Frisch, Senior Business Development Manager, Volocopter

Christian Hoecker, Head of Climate Neutrality Program, Deutsche Bahn

Anders Forslund, CEO, Heart Aerospace

Sascha Meyer, Chief Product Officer, MOIA

04:00 - 04:15 pm


Annette Mann, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Lufthansa Group

Erin Beilharz, Head of CleanTech Hub, Lufthansa Group