Alternative fuels and emissions

This focus area of the CleanTech Hub intends to present a selection of Lufthansa Group’s initiatives which continuously work on reducing our CO2 footprint. We strive to be leading in alternative fuel deployment. For instance, Lufthansa Group is investing in Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and innovative Power-to-Liquid (PtL) fuels. Even though the commonly known kerosene will stay the main fuel of air travel for the next decade, both alternatives offer a valuable perspective for the future.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel: Fuel based on biogenic materials like waste oil, lipids, or wood-waste and refined through chemical processes. Already available today, but in limited amounts and not able to meet the global demand.

Power-to-Liquid Fuel: Fuel for which solar and wind energy serve as the main energy source to produce green hydrogen. Brought into synthesis and fractionation with carbon monoxide from selective sources to be transformed to carbon-neutral kerosene. Power-to-Liquid fuels do not require the usage of additional fossil energy and therefore are carbon-neutral as the production and transportation process also fulfills the high standards of being carbon-neutral.

Selected projects and products

Green hydrogen production

Power-to-Liquid production and supply

Non-CO2 research