For business success, it is critical that companies are able to keep track of their financial and operational performance. That's why it's long been common for companies around the world to measure and analyze business indicators with sophisticated, detailed tools and dashboards. But what about sustainability-related performance metrics? Science has proven that sustainability is increasingly becoming a deciding factor for investors and customers. For this reason, it is necessary to monitor not only financial and operational performance, but also all measures related to sustainability indicators.

The EPACTO-Tool developed by Lufthansa Industry Solutions (LHIND) offers the Lufthansa Group, as well as companies in other industries, a strategic steering mechanism for sustainability. It first offers a selection of comprehensive sustainability KPIs. Once the KPIs relevant for the respective company have been selected, EPACTO represents the "link" between the status quo and the target state. Via standardized technical interfaces, EPACTO is able to map the development of concrete sustainability measures. By collecting and analyzing sustainability-related data, decision-makers are enabled to track the results and status of sustainability measures in real time.

With EPACTO, decision makers can now consider environmental indicators in addition to financial and operational indicators to ensure they select the project option with the best possible target achievement rate.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions offers clear navigation for companies operating within ecological boundaries.

EPACTO: Das ESG Performance Accounting Tool-Dashboard

  • The Mockup shows the EPACTO Environment-Social-Governance (ESG) Dashboard, applied for the CleanTechHub - this overview enables a quick impression about the target achievement rate.
  • Behind each Focus Area lies a set of applicable KPIs, which are technically connected to the EPACTO Dashboard - for realtime tracking of the path from As-Is towards To-Be.
  • Projects and Initiatives are being measured in regards to their contribution to the goals - EPACTO will calculate, which project has the highest target achievement rate.

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25.03.2022 ​​​​​
"Navigating and Forecasting your sustainability impact with the EPACTO (formerly known as "EcoScore")