What we do

Our sustainability goals are CO2 emission reduction, non-CO2 emission reduction, waste reduction and noise reduction. Our best chance to achieve this is through fleet renewal, ops efficiency, SAF and outlined technologies. So far the CleanTech Hub has identified over 80 clean technology projects within the Lufthansa Group and our mission is to implement, accelerate and scale.

Our Mission

Air travel connects people, cultures, and economies, however it brings an undesirable effect towards the climate and the environment. The Lufthansa Group is actively shaping green transformation in aviation. This is why we are looking for green technologies to make CO2-neutral flying a reality.

Who we are

The Lufthansa Group CleanTech Hub is a community enabling, motivating and stimulating clean technology and sustainability initiatives by providing access to resources, augmentation of initiatives, acceleration to market & amplification in the media to ensure long term clean operations and future business opportunities.

We are looking for concepts that have at least MVP status or product status (Technological Readiness Level 6 or higher), can be brought to market within the next two to four years, and are potentially scalable to serve Lufthansa Group airlines. If your technology solution contributes to one of the mentioned 4 sustainability goals (reduction of CO2, non-CO2, waste and noise) we'd love to hear from you!

We offer potential partners the opportunity to gain engagement from key boosters: We can serve as a launch customer, build a strategic partnership with you, or connect you with the right stakeholders to realize your potential. We can connect you, spar with you, provide customer perspectives, develop a working proof of concept, or find the right business case to get you started.