The “Fly Greener” crew team of Austrian Airlines turned an idea into reality: since 2019, the used plastic cups of passengers and other single use plastic items are collected seperately from the residual waste onboard. By collecting the plastic items separately, unnecessary waste combustion is avoided.

The ReOil® pilot plant in the OMV refinery Vienna-Schwechat uses a globally patented technology "Made in Austria". The oil & gas company uses a thermal-cracking-process to turn plastics back into synthetic crude oil and further into kerosene or plastic. Before that, the plastic waste is cleaned and shredded to fit the procedure accordingly. OMV uses a pilot plant to turn the waste into crude oil which then can be used as propellants and other products for the synthetics industry.

The ReOil® project reduces plastic waste and promotes alternative fuels. Synthetic oil from ReOil® produces 45% less greenhouse gas emissions and requires 20% less energy than conventional oil in the refining process. In the current pilot plant around 100 liters of synthetic crude oil can be extracted from 100 kilograms of plastic waste per hour. With this initiative, Austrian avoids about 100 tons of residual waste per year and supports a resource-conserving circular economy as well as the usage of alternative fuels

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OMV innovation project produces synthetic crude from Austrian Airlines plastic cups
Since January 2019 OMV has been processing Austrian Airlines plastic cups in the OMV ReOil® pilot plant