“HySupply” is a bilateral cooperation between Germany and Australia with the BDI (Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie) and acatech (German Academy for Science and Engineering) in the lead for the German side of the project. Since December 2020, Lufthansa, alongside with BASF, Eon, Siemens Energy and thyssenkrupp is engaging in the development of a supply chain for renewable hydrogen from Australia to Germany. Renewable energy is the basis for production of renewable hydrogen (green hydrogen).

Germany has limited capacity for renewable energies to produce green hydrogen – hence, it needs to import green hydrogen to meet its current and future demand. For that matter, countries with large export opportunities serve as ideal cooperation partners, such as Australia, Saudi Arabia, Chile, or Morocco. Australia has not only a massive renewable energy potential, but also already existing export infrastructures which makes the country a promising partner to produce green hydrogen at low cost and export it to Europe.

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01.12.2020 ​​​​​
​German-Australian hydrogen project "HySupply" launched
A team of leading German and Australian experts will investigate how the value chain for renewable hydrogen between two industrialized countries can be realized.