Waste and circular economy

This area of the CleanTech Hub focuses on all initiatives, projects and activities that foster the introduction of circular economy and recycling processes within the Lufthansa Group. 

The mission is clear: Reduce food waste by 50% and minimize single used plastics by implementing 100% circular economy by 2025.

How to do that? For example, by improving forecasting to have only as much food on board as is actually consumed. Or with the replacement of all single-use plastic items. By 2025, all packaging and on-board products should be made from renewable or recycled materials. These can then be reused, recycled or composted after the flight. The idea: instead of incinerating waste, it is understood as raw materials and fed into the circular economy.

To protect the environment, the Lufthansa Group therefore relies on innovation: In order to develop environmentally friendly products on board, the Lufthansa Group CleanTech Hub is looking for technology partners, because we are constantly striving to challenge the status quo and to take on a role model function in the aviation industry.

Selected projects and products

Recycling & reduction of onboard waste