Waste & circular economy

This area of the CleanTech Hub focuses on all initiatives, projects and activities that foster the introduction of circular economy and recycling processes within the Lufthansa Group. 

The mission is clear: Reduce food waste by 50% and minimize single used plastics by implementing 100% circular economy by 2025.

Therefore, we intend to build solutions that allow the reduction of onboard or catering waste, but also initiatives that save natural resources in production processes through recycling or circular economy. To achieve our goal, we combine our profound knowledge about waste generation involving for instance, plastics, food, water usage, aircraft parts and metals along the entire travel and production chains, with internal and external stakeholders who support our mission to optimize our waste footprints within Lufthansa Group. We constantly seek to challenge the status quo and become a best practice in the aviation industry.

Selected projects and products

Reduction of onboard and waste