Cyclean Engine Wash

Clean engines require less fuel, less maintenance and work more efficiently in an environment-supporting way.

Lufthansa Technik thus regularly washes aircraft engines with its Cyclean® engine wash system to reduce fuel consumption and to increase the engines’ average on-wing time. A new Cyclean® process even enables engines to be washed directly at the gate in a time window of around 45 minutes. The engines' fan cowl doors remain closed and the Cyclean® tooling is attached directly to the fan without any further treatment of the engine. The procedure is easy and quick – in comparison to the traditional methods. The new Cyclean® procedure offers therefore a technique that saves costs and time – two of the key factors of the operational aviation industry. For that, the procedure makes use of a new generation of devices which are featuring digital technologies and therefore connect the Cyclean® process to the internet.

Frequent Cyclean washes can annually save up to 80 tons of CO2 emissions per engine. The system moreover guarantees a clean and safe collection of all wastewater without any negative impact on the environment.

Lufthansa Technik offers this service at more than 60 locations worldwide –new locations are constantly being added to the location portfolio. Also, further development and research in terms of technological approaches is constantly pursued to optimize Cyclean® on a regular basis.

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