Urban Air Mobility, Air Taxis and Drones

Lufthansa Systems is continually increasing its expertise in the field of UAVs (Urban Air Vehicles) and drones, particularly with its Lido Data Solutions. As UAVs enable inspecting, measuring, and surveying of large-scale industrial asset databases, the operational planning requires knowledge about airspaces, restrictions, obstacles and terrain.

Lufthansa Systems offers two key solutions for the areas of UAM (Urban Air Mobility) and UAVs that assist in the crucial aspects of UAM and UAV operations.

Lido Sky Data

Lido Sky Data includes worldwide navigational information such as airports, heliports, runways, waypoints or airspaces. It supports the automation and digitalization of various aeronautical processes.

Lido Surface Data

Lido Surface Data consists of a worldwide database of obstacles (Lido Surface Data Obstacles), and a high-resolution global terrain model (Lido Surface Data NEXTView). The obstacle database is adjusted in a customized way, and therefore can be adapted to meet all operational requirements. It covers over two million obstacles worldwide, each of which has over 60 attributes, such as information about height or lightning. The database fulfills all industry standards and received all necessary certifications. Lido Surface Data NEXTView, developed in collaboration with Intermap Technologies, consists of a high-resolution, six-meter digital surface model, which is particularly accurate in the airport vicinity.

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