Diamondo Earthrounding-Mission

21. April 2022: A team of young aviation enthusiasts from Switzerland started in January, with a small propeller aircraft on a non-profit basis on a world tour to draw attention to new technologies that make aviation more sustainable. As part of their world tour, our Executive Board member Christina Foerster & the Lufthansa Group CleanTech Hub had the pleasure of welcoming the Diamondo Earthrounding team to the Lufthansa Group in Frankfurt today. Tomorrow, on the last day of their journey, they will be welcomed by SWISS in Zurich for World Earth Day.

We were delighted to give the Diamondo pilots an insight into some of our projects that contribute to our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.


Lufthansa Technik and BASF have jointly developed the functional surface film #AeroSHARK for commercial aircraft. Inspired by the structure of sharkskin, it reduces aircraft drag, thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions on every flight. Lufthansa Cargo and SWISS will equip their first aircraft with it before the end of the year in order to reduce each of their Boeing 777’s carbon footprint by more than 1,000 tons annually.

Cyclean® Engine Wash System

Clean engines consume less fuel, require less maintenance, and operate more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly manner. Lufthansa Technik thus regularly washes aircraft engines with its Cyclean engine wash system to reduce fuel consumption and to increase the engines’ average on-wing time. A new Cyclean® process even enables engines to be washed directly at the gate in a time window of around 45 minutes. Frequent Cyclean washes can annually save up to 80 tons of CO2 emissions per engine. The system moreover guarantees a clean and safe collection of all wastewater without any negative impact on the environment. This service is already offered at more than 60 locations worldwide.

The all-electric aircraft tug Lufthansa LEOS

In March’22, Lufthansa LEOS put the first all-electric aircraft tug Goldhofer Transport "Phoenix E" into operation at Frankfurt Airport. It can move aircraft with a takeoff weight of up to 352 tons over short and long distances between parking lots, maintenance hangars and departure positions. Depending on the weight, up to 20 towing operations are possible before the battery has to be recharged with green electricity.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

In addition to the use of more efficient, latest-generation aircraft, #SAF is the most effective lever on the path to CO2-neutral aviation. It is already used, for example, for CO2-neutral Lufthansa Cargo flights with DB Schenker on their freighter flight from Frankfurt to Shanghai & back once a week. Lufthansa Cargo & DB Schenker are replacing the kerosene requirement of 174 metric tons on this round trip with SAF & are additionally offsetting the emissions generated during transport & provision of the SAF by investing in certified climate protection projects. As a result, the cargo flight is considered 100% CO2-neutral. The SAF blend is fed into the refueling system at Frankfurt Airport & mixed with conventional kerosene. Good to know: Passengers can also already make their flights CO2-neutral via the Lufthansa Compensaid platform.

We would like to thank the Diamondo team, who have drawn attention to our projects towards a greener future, because our mission is & remains to connect people, cultures & economies in a sustainable way.

Diamondo Earthrounding mission

To find out more about the Diamondo Earthrounding mission, visit their website: https://lnkd.in/eqVGv8ge