The Lufthansa Technik platform "AVIATAR" focuses on the development of data-based digital solutions that help fleet operators improve technical operations. In addition, the tool enables a reduction in fuel consumption and the resulting emissions by avoiding technical detour or by optimizing aircraft performance and flight operations.

The digital product solution enables, among other things, the reading of every component status in real time and from the air. This can improve both the ability to plan flight operations and efficiency. Furthermore, concrete measures can be derived from this to reduce AOGs (Aircraft On Ground), operational delays, flight cancellations and decommissioning rates. This results in an enormous increase in the entire value chain - from maintenance measures to logistics orders.

CO₂-neutral digital platform

Since summer 2022, the team has also succeeded in making AVIATAR CO₂-neutral. The digital platform is thus an absolute pioneer in the aviation industry. On the one hand, the emissions caused by the technical cloud and office infrastructure as well as by the employees have been massively reduced in recent years, despite the significant increase in the number of customers and projects. In addition, the base in Hamburg has its own gas-fired combined heat and power plant that generates heat and electricity.

By continuing to pursue hybrid working and further optimizing the cloud infrastructure, CO₂ emissions are to be reduced by a further 11 percent over the next three years. Any residual greenhouse gases that are still produced will be fully neutralized by investing in certified sustainability projects.