GreenTech Festival Berlin 2022

GREENTECH FESTIVAL: Die globale Plattform zur Förderung innovativer grüner Technologien für eine nachhaltige Zukunft und zur Ermächtigung von Entscheidungsträgern.

Moving the right way

Stefanie Berk, Carmen Murer, Navneet Kapoor, Erin Beilharz, Grazia Vittadini (digital), Dirk Idstein

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Conference Agenda - Alle Termine

Do 11:45 - 12:30 Uhr
Main Stage

Moving the right way
Decarbonising movement over land, air and sea is a mammoth task, but the once slow-paced transport market is now under rapid distruption. Corona and conflict have changed behaviours but also caused consumers to reconfigure their values. Sustainability has emerged as a key driver, and those who walk the talk are being rewarded. Whether you’re moved by future technologies, fast cars or sustainable flight, “Moving the right way” will show you where we‘re heading.

Stefanie Berk, Carmen Murer, Navneet Kapoor, Erin Beilharz, Grazia Vittadini (digital), Dirk Idstein
Do 15:30 - 16:00 Uhr
Our Booth B08

Meet our champions

David Doyle, Christian Popp

Do 17:00 - 17:20 Uhr
Main Stage

Green CEO Pledges and ‘lean in’ panel discussion
4-5 CEOs from household name companies will take to the stage to give a binding pledge regarding the companies’ sustainability commitments. They are allowed a signle sentence with no explaination or PR/Greenwash pitch (ideally all physically present). Afterwards they will join a panel discussion discussing the need to ‘lean in’, take risks and be change leaders rather than followers in setting benchmarks for sustainable business practices.

Markus Duesmann (digital), Alan Jope (digital), Johan Lundgren (digital), Christoph Schweizer (digital), Carsten Spohr (digital), Bertrand Piccard (digital), Sally Uren (Moderator), Alexander Vlaskamp (digital), Matteo Del Fante (digital), Leonhard Birnbaum, Christian Klein (digital), Francesco Starace (digital), Timotheus Höttges (digital)

Do 17:20 - 17:50 Uhr
Main Stage

Green CEO Pledge Fireside Chat: Leaders ‘Lean in’!
As a follow-up to the CEO pledges, a handful of leading CEOs will join an expert moderator, to discuss why we all need to challenge one another to do better, to ‘lean in’ and collaborate in creating sustainable business.

Sally Uren (Moderator), Annette Mann, Leonhard Birnbaum

Fr 10:00 - 13:00 Uhr
Boot camp

Green Leadership, Goal Setting and Aligning Company Values

Erin Beilharz, Andrew Muirhead, Jan Pechstein, Anna-Lena Drewitz
Fr 14:00 - 15:00 Uhr
Our Booth B08

Meet Our Start-ups

Fr 15:30 - 16:00 Uhr
Our Booth B08

Meet Our Champions

Andrew Muirhead, Jan Pechstein